Our Mission


Hi!  We are a group of artists who love to draw the cute animals living in Goats of Anarchy Sanctuary in NJ. The idea of this project at the beginning was simple: "Why not use our talent and amazing artwork to raise funds for GOA and their animals?”  At that point, we didn't realize this project to express our love of the cute animals of GOA would open the door to a long unexpected and exciting journey exploring the much deeper relationships between humans and animals. In 2021, our journey of documenting humane animal stewardship and animal rights through our artwork continues, in fact it has just begun!  We hope that you will come along for the ride, it’s going to be fun!  The team at GOA and their cute animals are our inspiration, with this in mind, our goal this year is to expand our range to help raise funds to not just GOA but also other sanctuaries in need!
We will keep drawing until the day that all the farm animal kids are doing the Goat Kid’s Boogie!!

Founder | Goat Cartoon Specialist    Yoshimi House

Please note we are unaffiliated fans of farm animals and sanctuaries. 
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