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Nemo was a tiny special needs baby goat who profoundly changed the direction of Sowa Goat Sanctuary. - Sanctuary for special needs, that is! Follow captain Nemo to get to another level of Sowa Sanctuary. Nemo (off course at the center), Bottom left - Oliver, Bottom Right - Napoleon (snuffle piggies!) Inside of the Submarine Left Bottom - Indy, Right Bottom - Noel, Middle Left - Hermes, Middle Right - Elvis (cant help fall in love with this good lookin' guy, huh?), Top from Left to Right - Mama Sora and her daughter Kobi, Rigel the turkey lady, and Tess. The birdie on top is Orion who passed away too soon - a child to Rigel. Lastly of course, Koi the legendary dragon boy with cute little lambie head! Nemo and Koi are watching over Sowa and guiding them to the new adventure!

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Sowa Goat Sanctuary!

The Artwork by me, Yoshimi AKA proud sponsor mum of Erwin!