Be like Badass Erwin

All profits from this fundraiser will go to Sowa  Goat Sanctuary!  
The Artwork by me, Yoshimi AKA proud sponsor mum of Erwin!  
I drew  this badass T-shirt for him to wear while he’s healing from a scrape on his shoulder. The design is complete with his spiky back fur and an Aries constellation, representing his fiery personality! Get the T-shirt and be a badass like Erwin!
Erwin the protector is a tiny goat with the magnificent horns living his best life at Sowa Goat Sanctuary in MA.  He was rescued with the other 27 goats including his blood brothers, Enrico and Dalton from a terrible hoarding case that Goats of Anarchy stepped in in the late Feb, 2021.  Soon after their rescue , Sowa offered all of 3 tiny little blood brothers a forever home.   They were so scared of humans at first and every time Olivia went in their stall they ran to the corner and huddled up. Eventually Erwin started to stand right in between Olivia and the other two to try to protect them. And this is the reason why he is called "The Protector". One day I got a chance to hear his tiny voice and it sounded like he was still a baby. Lots of lots of responsibility on his teeny little shoulders. As you know, it didn't take long time for him to realize they are safe through the love and care that Olivia poured on them. I still remember the video of him in the warm backseat of the car to their forever home, Dalton and Enrico were sleepy and nodding but only Erwin was wide awake to guard them.
That’s Erwin.
My and your  little firecracker boy!