Resistance Baby!

So far we've raised $240!! 
(as of 11/1/2021)
She saved all of the calves and 2 moms from the factory. 
Thank you so much for ordering or donating directly to them.  She is already on the new mission and we'd like to keep this shop open permanently so we can keep sending fund to her. 
All profits of this Resistance Baby Collection go to Shelter Ugoleok.
Resistance baby is an icon!  He’s cute but he’s tough and he’ll never give up leading the resistance to animal cruelty.  We have to join him!  No matter where the fight is Resistance baby will be there!  If you can help us, please donate, and join the Resistance!  

For the folks who want to directly donate to them, 
Pls, click HERE. 
Please ask me if there are any questions for goods & Shipments. Shelter Ugoleok is not responsible for any of Maybel Arts goods.