Collection: VIVA RESCUE

All profits go to Viva Rescue! 

I drew this artwork and embroidered on a used denim shirt to raise fund when Little Hill Sanctuary held the auction for Maya who had the horrible car accident back then. I've always wanted to print this artwork on some items to raise funds for them and finally got some time to do so.

For the folks who dont know them well, Viva Rescue take in rescued farm animals and many cases they take in disability animals.  I got the inspiration of this "Maya's Motorcycle club" from those babies who are on the wheels.  Even hough they pour lot of love and care to give them a chance to heal from disability, some can not make it while some thrive and get over it.   Fancy (on top) unfortunately passed during their tough time so I had to draw her as an angel who is looking over them. Marigold is on the left middle, Bambi on the right middle, Tink aka Tinker bell  on the left bottom,  Tulip on the right bottom,  and of course! Cleo and Calvin!  I also drew "Born to be Fancy" design featuring Fancy.  She was such a tiny baby goat but she fought for her life to get over her disability. I had no idea how she could still look that noble and beautiful.  She was literally embodying the way she lived! She passed away too soon while Viva Rescue crew was at a really tough time. But I know she’s always watching over them saying “chin up! Look at me! Keep fighting and be fancy!” 

Hope you folks like these designs for Viva Rescue. All profits go to Viva Rescue. 

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