Collection: Maverick & Thistle Tribute

HOLD ON TIGHT!  This fundraiser will be back soon!!





So far, We've raised

$333 for Foreverland Farm Sanctuary

$190 for Fawn's Fortress! 

as of 7/19/21. 

Please note that
all profits of Tribute for Maverick go to @ Foreverland Fam Sanctuary 
and Thistle go to @ Fawn's Fortress.  
Also, all profits of the items with both of them together are evenly divided and sent to Foreverland Farm & Fawn's Fortress.

wanna donate directly to them? Sure!
Click Here for FLF,
 Here for Fawn's Fortress! 

Please ask me if there are any questions for goods & Shipments.
Above 2 sanctuaries are not responsible for any of Maybel Arts goods. 
Here's my contact!

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