Collection: Urgent Fundraiser! Rescue a cow family!

Update (October 24th 2021)
I got an amazing News from Anna!
Baby Girl's daughter Anna and her boy, Benjamin Twine are FINALLY free!!!
She  kept the promise with her Baby Girl. 
They will never die as just numbers in a slaughterhouse.
Their forever home is Sweet Olive Farm
which is so close to where Anna lives so she can always see them. How amazing is that? I'm still sad that Baby Girl passed and still keeping the photo of Anna and her together (actually one of the wall papers in my computer) so I can feel her spirit close.  She didn't pass for nothing.  she definitely left me something I would never ever forget...the reason why I do this project even though my part is such an easy part (Just drawing animals) comparing with people like Anna who really acts for animals. 
Anna, again you are truly amazing and beautiful person. I wont forget the bond and love between Baby Girl and you! 
Update (December 12th, 2020)
First of all, thank you so much for supporting the fundraiser for the tiny cow family (mom cow Baby Girl and her daughter.) There is an update that I have to share with you today. I had been in touch with Anna every couple of months and sending the funds little by little. While I was doing so, Anna kept negotiating with the farmer. Even though she said she was ready to pay, he still wanted to keep them to see if he can sell them for more than what she offered so for the past several months she had been negotiating with him. I honestly don’t know why he had to torment them this way. Recently the mom cow Baby Girl got pregnant and the baby was born dead (probably she couldn’t get enough treatment) and because of that heavy birth/labor she was paralyzed. Anna brought a couple of vets and tried her best to save her but on December 12th unfortunately she passed. This wasn’t really the goal they were aiming for but I still feel a bit better because Baby Girl was with her daughter and her human friend when she passed. Not alone in slaughterhouse. Anna told me she would send the funds back to me because she’s gone now but I told her to keep it because she would still need it for the daughter cow if she can rescue her from the farmer. Hope you agree with this and sorry about the sad news. I still have a hope that the daughter cow will be free. But for now I will end this fundraiser here. I will still support her personally and also keep you posted. 

Lastly, This is the 3rd and final panel of “Dandelions” series I was going to draw when they were liberated. It was so sad to draw it this way. 
 While I was drawing this last panel last night, I was playing my playlist and Avett Brothers’ “Bring your love to me” started playing.  The lyric goes like this… 

 ” Bring your love to me 
 I will hold it like a dandelion 
 One I want to save, one I want to keep From the breeze that follows me and no one else” 

 It was such a coincidence but it brought me tears and also made me think about Anna who is trying so hard to save farm animals by herself. I’ve seen her struggling raising fund just because she is not belonging in a sanctuary or no big name. What I did was so little but I really appreciate all of you who trusted me and bought goods or directly sent her funds. 

Here’s Anna's beautiful tribute to Baby Girl.
If you are interested in her, here are some of the links from her rescue stories. Warning: Her stories are very intense and sad. Can you believe this young girl does under cover and also go in the live stock auction?
I saw a post of Anna Johnson who wants to help a mom cow, Baby Girl and her daughter Anna in IG via Critterville Farm Sanctuary the other day.
The cows were originally in the farm Anna's family owned, so she bottle fed Baby Girl. Baby Girl gave birth and they named this baby Anna after her. Later on they were sold to the other farm without her knowledge. Luckily the farm is nearby so Anna could kept her eyes on them and she is still running to her when she shows up but now the owners are selling their farm and Baby Girl and her daughter are in danger of being sent to a slaughter house. She has been fundraising but it hasn't been successful and they are running out of time. To buy them from the farm costs her $2000 at least. and she raised about $900 as of yesterday. After she buy them, she is sending to a sanctuary either Outsiders Sanctuary or Full Circle Sanctuary. (she is located in Georgia) I know this is just 2 of billions out there. But once they are in my sight, I can't help but support them. In the video I can see Baby Girl is interacting with Anna and trusting her and I know what's going to happen and how they get killed once they are sent to slaughter house. She probably still believes Anna will come to rescue her until the last moments. They need your help!

Update (9/2/2020)
Thank you so much for your contribution to the li’l cow family fundraiser!
Maybel Arts could Have contributed $384 total and Anna raised $1362.54. It is not enough yet and she is having hard time raising fund but she has been also trying to communicate with the farmer while she’s been busy working on her school project for her final thesis (I’m from art school and believe me it’s so much work. Staying up until 5am and only one hour or a couple of hours sleep at most for months!! ) and this is the update from her.

“Farmer says he has a little longer left on his land and he’d like to keep Baby Girl and Anna as long as he can. He hasn’t 100% agreed that they will only be sold to me, but he does like me and I think that he won’t send them to slaughter or auction as long as he knows that I’m offering above market price. I’m going to wait a little bit and keep checking back in with him. “

So the biggest relief is the situation has turned not as urgent as initially being thought., but they are still not 100% safe. I will still keep this fundraiser open and send the funds little by little to her and keep close eyes on them. But I am also offering her that I will cover the rest in case if she run out of the time. The reason I keep this fundraiser open is because I’m not as rich as Joaquin Phoenix so your help would help me big time. And of course I will loop you in the updates.

All and all, I promise I won’t let this tiny little family go.

Thank you,


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