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Hearts & Hooves Online Auction 2024 - Win the Disco Taurus Bluetooth Speaker! 6/2 - 6/9



$174 has been raised as of 12/15/23!


Celebrate PRIDE!  

Maybel Arts supports LGBTQ own sanctuaries! This year I drew for Heartwood Haven. Wear the T-shirt and spread the word of this sanctuary, Heartwood Haven ran by these amazing people, Hope & Kate!

While I was watching the cute zooming of Mama CeCe's babies, I started thinking these teeny tiny black dots zooming around in the rainbow color!  Cecil will be always there, watching over his mama, brothers and sisters. 

All Profits from sales of this page will be donated to Heartwood Haven!
Follow them, if you haven't!  Heartwood Haven Instagram
Their donation page! Donate