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The Life Bucolic Spin-off, Koi's Dragon Life Enamel Key Chain is ready to order!


Collection: PEE PEE FACE for your favorite micro sanctuary

Have you seen farm animals flipping their lips and making such a funny face?  My favorite girl, Heather, started calling it Pee Pee Face.  Meanwhile, I was scrolling through my IG feed and accidentally found a photo of Nicki Minaj wearing a silly hat which says "PEE PEE POO POO" at the Met Gala.  Pee pee poo poo....hmmm.  and that was the moment I decided to make a parody version of the PEE PEE POO POO hat, PEE PEE FACE hat.  The easiest yet most clever design I've ever done in my life. 

- The profit of this item will go to your favorite animal rescues/sanctuaries.   Please leave the name of the animal rescue (and contact/donation info if you can) you want me to send funds from your order in the comment section in the check out page.