Thistle on Canvas

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Thistle the lamb practiced his cart a lot and at some point I saw him stretching out his front legs like Superman and letting himself go with the momentum of wheel like “Yiiii!”, AKA Superman cruise... Unfortunately he suddenly passed. These babies who need special cares are so unpredictable. They are totally ok and happy then the next moment they collapse and it is so heartbreaking. I hope this cartoon Thistle’s signature slanted smile will bring you some smile though. Remember the thistle logo on his cart? Now it’s on his superhero suit. While I was drawing him last night, I could hear him telling his human mom “mom, pick up my bottle and let it go!! I’ll be always with you!” And this morning I saw her posting that she picked up his bottle that she dropped when she found out his passing and also took down the Christmas tree that he liked to look at. I was thinking my imagination was out of control but maybe I really heard him telling this to her.
Follow @fawnsfortress  The bond with her animals is really amazing to witness and I really thank her to share it with us. 
All profits go to Fawns Fortress. 
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Lastly, I drew a couple of version of Thisle's superhero suit and had a poll to figure which one is the best and Thank you for the Goat Club members for your feedback! Especially Cpt Silver for short sleeve idea.  Now the composition got all balanced out! You guys are always the best!! 



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