Sunshine Tribute

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This is for our Sunshine.  


I saw the video of her going in the car to the hospital yesterday. She looked so happy with her new adventure in the arms of the caregiver. “Where are we going?!””You will go to the hospital and fix your jaw and everything will be alright, Sunshine!” I also saw her jumping over the fence in the playground so easily. She eyeballed the height and calculated once or twice then walked away to charge then boing and hopped over to the other side of the fence. I thought she was such an awesome girl with her mouth full of hay and I would have years to watch her grow but someone above probably just missed her because she was too precious and cute. I can see her measuring the rainbow very carefully, calculating once or twice as she usually does to boing and hop over it to impress the other goats waiting for her on the other side of the rainbow.


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In the file you have access to 4 kinds of ratio options. Each files are good to print out below sizes. 

2 x 3 ratio : 

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5" x 7"  This time I added 5" x 7" since this size is the most popular size but doesn't fit in any of above ratio for some reason! 

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