Resistance Baby Poster

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Shelter Ugoleok has an important mission rescuing farm animals in danger of being slaughtered.  She is located in Ukraine which presents its own unique obstacles to her mission.  Oftentimes she is presented with the opportunity to buy animals directly from the farmers to avoid them being sent to the butcher, but because her funds are limited she is forced to make the terrible decision of who she can save and who she can’t save.  I became interested in their work a few months ago when I began to follow the story of a family of sheep she was trying to rescue.  From the pictures that she posted on Instagram I could see the eyes of the whole family: they were scared and anxious.  There were tense negotiations between the farmer and the shelter, but luckily with the help of donations she was able to save them.  The family of sheep were going to be able to stay together and live out happy lives!  I saw another photo of them a week later; they were in quarantine and still looked a little bit nervous but they were all together eating hay and being happy.
It’s not easy saving farm animals in Ukraine!    She said its almost like fighting a battle in a war that doesn’t end because every week she is presented with a new situation where animals need to be rescued.  Currently she has a big project, a herd of milk cows are in danger because their farm is closing.  I wanted to do my part in fighting this war so I created Resistance Baby, he’s one of the lambs that got rescued and he’s on a mission to save these innocent milk cows.  The moment I saw this little lamb was an epiphany for me.  He was peeking his cute little head up above his mom and dad’s fluffy form and I could hear him saying, “I’m Alive!”, which made me happy, but also sad because there are so many of his brothers and sisters in the animal world who aren’t as lucky.  I reaffirmed to myself the importance of shelters like hers.  Resistance baby is an icon!  He’s cute but he’s tough and he’ll never give up leading the resistance to animal cruelty.  We have to join him!  No matter where the fight is Resistance baby will be there!  If you can help us, please donate, and join the Resistance!  

For the folks who wants to directly donate to them, 
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She could saved all of the calves and 2 moms from the factory. 
Thank you so much for ordering or donating directly to them.  She is already on the new mission and we'd like to keep this shop open permanently so we can keep sending fund to her. 


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