Rancho Relaxo Mandala Journal

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Congratulations, Caitlin for  being selected as the recipient of
the April Fun Day
by the Lexi's Legacy Foundation! 

Kerk from The Lexi's Legacy Foundation contacted me last weekend and asked me if I would draw Caitlin Cimini. I asked him when he needed it and he hesitantly replied me "Next Friday?" I have been very busy so had to say no once but then the cartoon version of her and her fur buddies started dancing around in my head.
Who can say no to draw these fun guys and Caitlin the leader of the pack at Rancho Relaxo??? 

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From left bottom - Clock wise
- Potate ... I really wanted to draw Chester with him but the space was limited. Next time tho!! These guys need a wall like mural size. The tiny little iPad is definitely not big enough.
- Harvey... No description needed. Harvey and his eyebrow. That is all.
- Rachel who recently got wheels with her sister Tammy. (They were born without rear legs) 
- Cecil is dancing "Stayin' Alive"  He was diagnosed with cancer recently.  Rancho Relaxo crew is doing everything in their power to make the last chapter of his life a beautiful one. 
- Sally is breaking Caitlin's Halo to say hello to us. So Say Hello to her! 
- Clarissa the hen is a survivor of the egg factory fire. So many were killed and, Even though she survived, she eventually had to amputate one of her leg but now She's living her best life and look. She's glowing. 
- Neil is one of those no need to explain guys. Forever young, Neil. Forever young.
- Hollie, Lottie and Sophie. : Lottie in the middle recently lost her besties, Sophie and Hollie within very short time. I drew the tiny tribute for them here. 
- Tammy is the sister piggie of Rachel. The photo of them in the wheels looks like they are wearing vintage old school bathing suit. And So I let Rachel wear flower pattern and Tammy  wear polka dots.  Hope you can see the details tho. 
- Oswald.  Brother to Harvey. I just LOVE these two. 
- Beavis and CJ pretend to keep their "Zen" but we all know they are the biggest trouble makers! 
- Milanda.  the cute little princess dancing on Caitlin's lap.
- Center: Caitlin the leader of the pack with the big heart as Buddha! 


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