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Scout can melt my heart by just playing with a tiny stick. Only seeing her playing with a mere tiny tree branch makes me start imagining scout leading a parade with her baton (= tree branch). I can see her twirling her baton with her proud face. Is this how you guys feel when you have a kid? I researched baton girl costumes from the 70’s. Why 70’s? Because I love the 70’s, and that’s why. Oh and no birdies are hurt for the feather embellishment on her hat. She picked Uncle Ricky (the rooster’s ) feathers on the ground and No, she didn’t pull feathers from him!....well, maybe...
When I told my husband I should maybe draw the rest of the baybels and their mom in a parade. Then he told me that reminded him of an old ad of “Valleydale”. I had no idea what that was so he showed it to me. Ok it is so vey cute! Piggies are in a parade and I love the cartoon, thanks husband, so inspiring....then it didn’t take that long to go “waita minutiae, oh my goodness, husband, this is not right.” (If you have never heard of the company and it’s products, it’s opposite of vegan. And piggies are advertising their products. ) And so this made me feel like I had to draw 2020 version of this parade in Valleydale. I Named this series, A Parade in Annandale! I’m almost finishing the series so let me start posting them here. Tonight, it is Truffle. I’ve been always thinking if I draw a rock band version of Baybels, truffle is always a drummer. Because girl drummers are the hottest and coolest creatures. No one can beat the girl who says she can play drum. So I drew her as a drummer in this parade series, too! Hope you guys like it and stay tuned for the rest of the parade. 


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