Maverick & Thistle on Canvas

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Free Shipping for US domestic orders until 6/7 for Moose and Gwen's Surgeries! 
The profit will be evenly devided and sent to Foreverland Farm & Fawn's Fortress.
Tribute for Maverick @ Foreverland Fam Sanctuary and Thisle @ Fawn's Fortress.  
Please note currently it will take up to a week to ship! 
My favorite sanctuaries, Foreverland Farm and Fawn's Fortress recently lost their babies and it's been so devastating.  I got urged by the feeling that I wanted to do something for them even if it's just a small thing and decided to pick up my buddy, Apple pencil!!  The pencil said  "What took you so long?" and here they are. I hope these drawings will help you to bring back your smiles. 


.: 100% Cotton fabric
.: Closed Back
.: Build with a patented solid support face
.: High image quality and detail
.: For indoor use