Downloadable Art & Coloring Pages by Cynthia - Maybel and Baybels

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Welcome on board, Cynthia! 

Maybel Arts is so proud to share Cynthia's amazing artwork!
Have you guys seen the process of her drawing? There are so many steps and it takes her such a long time to bring each one of her artwork to final.  And of course, there are so many thoughts behind.
She even surprised us saying some of her drawings are actually dedicated to us , Lindsay and me, the members of Maybel Arts.   
Thank you so much Cynthia.  You are amazing addition to the Maybel Arts and I am so lucky that I can work with the awesome person like you to help support animals! 

Cynthia's "Maybel and her Baybels" is now available as downloadable art!  
Bored during the pandemic at home? No worries.
The coloring pages of Maybel & Baybels will be available on 9/11!

How it works

Once your payment info is confirmed, the download button shows in the page.  You accidentally close the page?  No worries, Maybel also send you an email with the link to download the artwork right after the confirmation of your payment! 

Coloring Page :

Going Live on 9/11! 

In the file You have access of a file of 5 Pages of below Black and White artwork.

Be creative and share your Maybel & Baybels!

If you want both Downloadable Art & Coloring Page, Click "Set of Art & Coloring Page" ! :)

Downloadable Arts:  

In the file you have access to 3 kinds of ratio options. Each files are good to print out below sizes. 

2 x 3 ratio : 

Inch: 4x6, 6x9, 8x12, 10x15, 12x18
Cm: 10x15, 20x30, 30x45

3 x 4 ratio:

Inch: 6x8, 9x12, 12x16, 15x20
Cm: 15x20, 22x30, 30x40

4 x 5 ratio: 

Inch: 4x5, 8x10, 11x14, 12x15
Cm: 10x12, 20x25, 28x35, 30x38

* Please feel free to contact if you need a different size.