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My heart goes out to Brittany, Leann and staff at Foreverland Farm. 

Drawing tributes is always so heart wrenching but I know the pain I feel is nothing comparing with them and I really wanted to do something for them during this tough time, so I drew this.  They often describe Maverick as a miracle. And I think he is. It was the time I was wondering what's good for my new brand logo, which is vegan obviously for animals. Something not so literal yet symbolic and came across a photo of Maverick and while looking at him, I got an epiphany. I’ll show you the logo once everything is in line. I could hear him saying through the photo “hey if you wanna represent us, it has to be this.” And I liked the idea. And his spirit will be there in my logo inspiring people for kinder world. So this is the reason why he’s a real miracle! I hope you guys like this drawing and hopefully raise some fund for them. I assume they still have to pay some for hospital fee. They have been also planning to offer larger place for their animals and also to welcome more rescued animals. So I hope we can support them during this sad time even if it’s just a little...If you haven’t follow them, follow them!  Click here to their IG. The bonds between the girls and their fur babies are really amazing as well as Fawns Fortress! 👍 

All Profits go to Foreverland Farm Sanctuary 501(c)(3)

Want to directly send funds to them? Sure!  Click HERE to the donation page. 

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In the file you have access to 4 kinds of ratio options. Each files are good to print out below sizes. 
2 x 3 ratio : 
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3 x 4 ratio:
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4 x 5 ratio: 
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5" x 7" 
This time I added 5" x 7" since this size is the most popular size but doesn't fit in any of above ratio for some reason! 

* Please feel free to contact if you need a different size.  I can crop it out for free!