Daisy Tribute - Canvas Bag
Daisy Tribute - Canvas Bag

Daisy Tribute - Canvas Bag

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Daisy (the namesake pig of Daisy's Farm Friends Sanctuary) sadly passed away recently. She was an 800 lb. farm pig with beautiful brown eyes. She loved to chat with people and was a very happy piggie in the sanctuary. She lived with her daughter DJ (Daisy Junior) in their shared space and barn. Daisy was a gentle giant, and she will be missed.
We wish that you rest in peace Daisy in a beautiful field in the sky.
The beautiful artwork was created by Cynthia Griffith. (Click here to her portfolio!)
Janine, who has volunteered at Daisy's Farm Friends Sanctuary during the summer and wanted to do more. She wanted Jack who cares for these animals with so much love to feel support from the sanctuary community. Janine used Cricut and ironed Cynthia's amazing artwork onto the bags one by one with love!
Your order will be mailed by her, too and it comes with some surprises! 
We appreciate your dedication, Janine!
Scroll down for more photos of Daisy! 


Bag 14"H x 19"W
Poly 100%


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