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CITY GOAT FARM - GUIDING STAR - Baby Short Sleeve Onesie®

CITY GOAT FARM - GUIDING STAR - Baby Short Sleeve Onesie®

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The custom short-sleeve baby Onesie® is built from 100% cotton rib. This makes for a comfortable, secure fitting for newborns and toddlers. The neckline is constructed with a lap shoulder. This inclusion assists with manipulating the fabric around the baby’s head. The bottom has a snap closure - designed with easy changing in mind. Both legs have ribbed openings for stability.

.: 100% rib cotton
.: Expandable lap shoulder neckline
.: Bottom snap closure
.: Printed care label inside
.: Onesies® Brand tag on left leg seam


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Hildy and her twin sister Heidi were born in February after their mom Brie and her family were rescued from a neglect situation. Heidi was very strong when she was born, while Hildy almost didn't make it. So Heidi encouraged her sister and helped her learn to start climbing. They made a tunnel under the hay bales to sleep at night and always slept curled together.  Heidi taught Hildy all the happy things in their life. They always had an adventure together, until Heidi passed. Now Hildy has grown up and is beautiful. Her mom Brie looks at her being so proud of her standing her own. And Hildy knows Heidi's spirit is always by her side. If you listen you can hear Heidi singing an early summer song to her sister and telling her to dance.