Annabelle "Burn and Shine” Pin

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Product Info

Soft Enamel with metal clutch (stopper on the back side)
Size: 1 1/4" Height x 3/4" Width


It was the end of last July, I saw GOA’s post announcing there were still a couple of animals who needed sponsors. So, I immediately contacted them. The ones on the list were Hannah and Annabelle.  Hannah had her own live stream back then So I judged she would have no problem getting a sponsor. Annabelle wasn’t that exposed. She was a mysterious skin and bone black goat with badly broken body. The only fact we knew was that she was roaming the neighborhood of GOA and presumably she ran away from being slaughtered and while on the run, she was badly injured. So there was no 2nd thought…my reply was “Annabelle”. I didn’t know watching her thriving would bring me this much of happy fuzzy feelings at that time.  The days went by and, with no reason, I started having this weird feeling that Annabelle might be sending me some signal to tell me that she had to go. I have no sixth sense but maybe we had a special bond and maybe that was why I was urged to finish this Annabelle drawing in the past few days.  It was weird that I woke up at 4 am and couldn’t go back to sleep yesterday. I got up and eventually received the email from GOA to let me know her pass.  This morning, In between sleep and awake, I was imagining hugging her regretting I couldn’t. While wrapping her around with my arms, she started becoming a baby goat and I held her in my arms. It’s sort of like Capote’s  Benjamin Button. In my arms, the innocent black baby goat with awkwardly long legs was smiling at me without knowing her fate. And I started crying. Could her life have been easier if the human world was different?  Then she said “Don’t cry. Hey listen, Both of us are made of flesh and bone anyway so don’t be afraid and just burn and shine, Yoshimi, no matter what.  Life is short.”  A life of a goat who burned and shined in her short life.  In this drawing you see her best friend Ruby who passed earlier, and the new goat, Martha who was rescued by GOA just a couple of days ago. I added her because I felt like Annabelle would watch over this skinny girl who looks just like her. And they both vow to the brave princess.Thank you GOA for giving her the best life and let me witness it. @goatsofanarchy