Just because Maybel is a belly full of inspiration!

I am a big fan of Mama Maybel the rescued goat living in Goats of Anarchy in NJ.  For the folks who don't know who they are, They are a sanctuary which rescues and takes care of farm animals. Many of their rescued ones need special care.  They are NPO so I am sure that they are mainly depending on donation.  And since they are taking care of the goats which need special care, it should cost them a lot to run the sanctuary... (I can tell that from how much hay Maybel needs a day. LOL) And so I donated some and when I did, I came up with this idea - why don’t I increase the money by adding some value through what I am capable of. Also another big reason that I started this is because of the cuteness of Maybel.  It has been just driving me nuts (and now the Baybels are added. I'm dying every day)  so I had to make the Maybel arts to get her and her babies out of my head. I seriously needed to “purge” the passion and love to them by making these arts and the goods.  Otherwise I can’t focus on my job!!  100% of the sales goes to GOA.  Oh hey, lastly,  I am nothing to do with GOA and GOA people probably don't even know about this project. Once I complete sending your payment to GOA (shipping fee is subtracted from your total payment) to them, I will send you the screenshot of Venmo. So you know you helped them! 

Click below "Learn More" to see their "Typical Day" video. It's fun but also tells you how hard they work every day for their animals.  Click "Why Donate" to see what they did with our donations. You'll shed a tear of joy.

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